FOR ADOPTION: CHANCE is an approximately 4-5 year old male mixed breed that weighs about 50 lbs. He has a medium length, easily cared for coat. Chance came in to us through the vet clinic. He was a stray from a remote area, extremely fearful, undoubtedly in pain with a face full of porcupine quills. Neither the clinic staff nor our NW volunteers believed he was a mean or aggressive dog but he was undoubtedly terrified from his rescue ordeal and was lashing out in fear. Chance was given his name because if at all else that is what we wanted to give him, a Chance in this crazy world. As he settled in we quickly learned that Chance is an interesting and endearing fellow. Initially if those working with him sat on his blanket he would flop down for a cuddle while still being very concerned and reactive to a collar, a leash, brushes, and having his feet or back end or tail handled or touched. Through a lot of time spent building his trust we managed to get a collar on him and using a NW alumni dog for support, we began to bring him out into the runs. Eventually he moved to
Going outside the runs for walks, and then he was able to be off leash inside the runs. When it was time for his neuter surgery he was moved into his foster home with his NW alumni support dog. This is what his foster mom has to say about Chance so far.
“Chance has fit into our home quite seamlessly and is very easy to live with. He’s clean in the house, well-mannered, very quiet and calm in his kennel, kind and respectful of our deaf senior cat who seems to have trust in him, he loves to be petted, gets on well with our own dog, and is as golden on the inside as he is good looking on the outside. If it’s possible for a dog to have a great sense of humor, I feel that would be Chance. He does very well travelling, totally quietly in a crate in a vehicle and is happy to come along, even on a 9 hour road trip.
Chance loves the snow and he loves to run but he’s not shown us that he’s super high energy and once he’s had a good romp he’s more than content to come inside to settle down.
When in the house, Chance has alerted at the sound of a vehicle he doesn’t recognize but we’ve never heard him bark loudly. Outside he likes to watch and check out the squirrels around the feeder but isn’t obsessive about them. He loves to chase a ball or other toys but doesn’t yet have a great retrieve. He can occasionally be a bit of a persistent pest trying to get our 9 year old dog to play, but he’s not been aggressive about it. He’s easily corrected but one thing that is noticeable is if he’s verbally corrected and then one reaches out to touch him, he may flinch as though he expects a physical correction to follow.
Chance will not initially show well as he’s not trusting of people he doesn’t know and will shy away from touch. Anyone meeting him must not take this personally. This is not about the individual but rather his fear from whatever past traumas he’s lived though. It may show when in a new or uncomfortable to him environment, or if there are new people there that he doesn’t know well.
He’s normally very comfortable with me and easily handles almost anything I do to him. However; when in a new environment or around new people, he can be much less confident with even my interactions. Again, this is not personal, and it’s not about his lack of trust in me, the environment has his confidence shaken. I’m sure this will improve over time especially as he’s made such great strides already, BUT his new family must not forget the deeply seated fears he has that may continue to appear, sometimes for no apparent reason. “
Chance does come with some specific requirements. He will need a good, secure, dog fenced yard. He would also initially need to be kept strictly on leash even within a fenced yard to remove his ability to move away from touch and interaction with his new family. Even with his foster mom, how had already built a trusting relationship with him while he was at the shelter Chance was strictly on leash for the first 3 weeks in her home. This provided better leash skills, further time to bond, and blocked him from moving away. We feel Chance will need a calm, quiet home with lots of structure; that he would probably do best with another confident, friendly and playful dog. At this point Chance is not ready to be sharing his home with busy, rowdy children.
Chance is neutered, vaccinated and up
To date on parasite control. If you have the calm, patient home that Chance is looking for apply today for a chance to meet him.