FOR ADOPTION: CARLY is an approximately 5 year old terrier cross. She has a light and easily cared for coat, is up-to-date on her vetting, and at 15 lbs is a great little lap dog but not so small as to be fragile. Carly has been in two foster home situations and in each case, given time to win her trust, she settled in and quickly won her foster families' hearts. She can initially be a bit shy in a new environment and with new people but given time her confidence grows. Because of this she may be better suited for a calm home with no small children. With older, very respectful children, she may learn to fit in nicely. She has been very good and quite confident with other dogs often initiating play but Isn’t afraid to tell rude, pushy dogs when they need to back off. Carly has been in a large socialization class with quite a number of other dogs and handlers and although initially very scared she came forwards quite nicely. At this class we also learned that Carly has a passion for agility. Carly has lived peacefully with a cat in one of her foster homes, has been completely clean in the house, rarely barks and then usually only a bark or two generally instigated by her foster brother. She is usually attentive to her humans, willing to learn and easily corrected.
She recently attended the annual NWAS garage sale as the sole canine representative. She did a marvelous job of settling into her role, receiving treats from numerous people and she also met a number of other dogs. She even got to meet a sheep, sniffed noses and moved on as though it had once been a daily occurrence. Carly loves to go for car rides and rides quietly in a crate. She also likes to sleep in a crate in the house but there has been no need to lock her in. Her current foster brother likes to sleep in the crate too so sometimes, as long as he's not hogging the whole space, she'll hop in and curl up with him. She's beginning to show a liking for toys, is quite content to be a little couch potato but is also more than up for adventure. Carly has been very easy to live with and we feel she would make just a great little companion. If you’re interested in meeting little miss CARLY apply today!