FOR ADOPTION: BUSTER is a one year old male Lab mix that is full of energy and ready to find a fun and engaging family for his own. He is currently 45lbs but could stand to gain 5-10lbs to be at a healthier weight. He has a higher medium energy level. Buster is a dog that will easily keep up cycling, jogging, skiing or hiking but that also throughly enjoys cuddle time. Buster missed out on a lot of socialization and training during his valuable puppyhood. As a result Buster can be quite timid in new situations and with new people (but he warms up fast for treats) and he needs a fair amount of work learning to politely walk on a leash and with basic obedience. He is a keen learner and highly food motivated so we’ve found him quite easy to teach but he will need more time and consistency to reach his full potential. Buster is a very playful fellow with his young friends at the shelter. He has played very well with other young dogs ranging from 40-110lb of both genders. He is also very respectful of the mature dogs he has been introduced to. We do have one mature male dog at the shelter that is quite reactive to Buster’s excitable energy and Buster has started reacting back at this guy but overall he has been quite friendly with other dogs. We feel Buster will do best in a home with another dog that will help him continue to learn good doggy manners and be a fun playmate. We have found Buster to be extremely submissive towards cats, he is reluctant to get too close to them and will duck and try to flee if they hiss at him. Buster seems to enjoy kids. He has been friendly and gentle with one of our volunteer’s 4 and 6 year old sons and he could easily live with kids as long as his family can provide some management around play and eating times. Buster could easily accidentally knock down a small child while he is in play mode and he will not hesitate to steal a snack from a little one. He has been completely clean in his kennel and has not been overly destructive with his toys. Buster is Leary about getting in vehicles but travels well once they are moving. He enjoys playing fetch and can really move when he wants to. He is still very much a blank slate but Buster is very eager to learn and experience life. He is neutered, vaccinated a d up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun, active young dog apply today at for a chance to meet BUSTER