Buck - adoption pending!

FOR ADOPTION: BUCK is a ginormous love bug looking for a forever family with a heart and home that can fit all of him. This big fella will be turning 2 in February and is supposedly a mastiff/lab mix. He was last weighed in March and at that time he was 120lbs, we expect that he has only gotten bigger since then. Buck is the sweetest of large teenagers. He absolutely loves to cuddle and play but has no idea how big he really is. Buck will need a firm leader that can set boundaries around things like jumping up and gentle play. When Buck knows the rules, he does everything in his power to follow them. He is clean and non destructive in his kennel and walks well on a leash. Buck is well socialized with other dogs and is a friendly and engaging boy. He would pair best with another large and playful dog friend. Buck tries very hard to play gently with smaller dogs but would love the opportunity for some rowdy play with buddies his own size. This big boy is intrigued by cats, he has no Ill intent towards them but may give a playful boop which, at his size, could be more like a squash for the cat. Buck is respectful of children and does want to snuggle but again just does not know his own size. He will do best in a home with dog savvy kids that are school aged plus. As he matures and his playful energy lessens Buck will be the BEST babysitter for the littles but right now he may accidentally hip check them into next week. Although playful big Buck is a lower/medium energy dog. He wants to be with his family and will enjoy lots of walks, moderate hikes, leisurely skiing/snowshoeing, and camping and fishing. He does not have the physique or willingness to be a jogging or cycling buddy. Buck is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a snuggle bug to take up ALL the empty space on your couch… apply today for a chance to meet BUCK.