FOR ADOPTION: BOLT is a smart, approximately 10 month old, 60lb male Shepherd mix. This fun, young guy is looking for a home that will shower him with love, stimulate his great mind and make use of his youthful energy. Bolt came to us through the town of Smithers pound when he was never claimed. We were so surprised to hear no one was looking for Bolt as someone has obviously put time into training him! He sits, stays and often lays down on command, walks well on a leash when given consistent direction, rides well in the vehicle and knows fun games such as fetch. Bolt has a solid medium energy level. He can and will keep up on every outdoor adventure you can think of (but his ligaments still need time to mature before he does anything high impact) but could also be content spending a day lazing around the house and playing fetch. Bolt really wants to be friends with everyone. He is great with kids. Bolt is learning to take social ques from other dogs and is an overall friendly fellow. He could live with a cat after he learns that they are not to be chased while running. He is still working on not marking things as his own and only chewing on his toys, these are both behaviours that are easily curbed with crate training. Overall Bolt is a friendly and very smart teenager that just needs a little guidance refining his manners as he matures. He is neutered, vaccinated, and up to date on parasite control. Apply today at for a chance to meet BOLT.