Bob’s Burgers Pups - Bob and Zeke

FOR ADOPTION: BOB and ZEKE are the last two pups from our BOB’S BURGERS litter left looking for homes. These boys are true medium sized mixed breeds. Their momma is a Husky/Blue Heeler Mix and we have some guesses as to what their dad was such as Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Shepherd. These are all just guesses based on the appearance of the pups though. These boys are on track to mature between 45 and 60lbs and they should be moderately active and highly intelligent dogs. They are now 12 weeks old, fully weaned, they have two sets of vaccinations, parasite control on board and they are more than ready to move into their forever homes. Both pups are friendly with people of all ages and adore children. They have had limited exposure to the other dogs at the shelter due to not being fully vaccinated but they grew up in a foster home with their momma and two other dogs and are showing all the indications that they will be respectful and friendly with other dogs. They have had very few interactions with cats so far but the interactions they have had have been positive and again they have been quite respectful of other animals.
BOB (brown) is an energetic, goofy, cuddly boy. He loves to come in for cuddles and is able to read the emotions of the people around him. He is extra snuggly when he knows you’re sad. Bob is a playful pup and a very quick learner. He is going to be a higher medium energy dog when mature. Happy to go on all adventures but will not need strenuous exercise every single day to be a happy boy. He has dewclaws that will likely need to be removed when he is neutered and that cost is not included in his adoption fee.
ZEKE (black and white) is a fun, playful and friendly boy. He has been one of the highest energy pups from the get go. He loves to play with toys and is the wrestling champion of his litter. This boy would do very well in a home with another playful dog that will help guide his play intensity. With humans he is incredibly sweet, he will give great snuggles when you want them but he is not needy for attention either. We are thinking he will also be a solid high medium energy dog when mature. He will throughly enjoy and and all outdoor activities but would be happy to just have brain games and playtime in the yard a few times a week. Zeke also has dewclaws that will likely need to be removed during his neuter surgery. He is also a unilateral cryptorchid, meaning he only has one descended testicle, this means his surgery will be similar to a spay surgery when he gets neutered so the female adoption fee will apply for this boy.
If you’ve been looking for a sweet little friend to take on all your outdoor adventures please apply today for a chance to meet BOB and ZEKE.