FOR ADOPTION: BEAU is a handsome 4.5 month old male Pitbull mix looking for a fun and loving family. He is currently 42lbs and should mature in the 80-100lb range. Beau came to us through the Smithers pound and his early years were less than ideal. For a young dog that had very little guidance before arriving at the shelter, Beau has blown us all away with his easy going nature and willingness to learn. Beau is friendly and eager to meet and interact with people of all ages. He is still learning to keep his feet planted when Saying hello and could knock over small unsteady kids but he would love older children to run and play with. Beau has been extremely well mannered with the other dogs at the shelter. He is calm and respectful with older grumpy dogs and all in For play with his rowdy buddies. We would like to see Beau in a home with a mature dog that will play with him often but also not be afraid to let him know when he is getting over the top. Initially Beau was a little scared of the cats at the shelter but after spending some time with a very dog friendly kitten he is learning they will not hurt him and is open to having a feline friend in the future. Beau is one of the calmest natured pups we have had in awhile. He travels beautifully in the car, is able to quickly settle in and relax in a home environment and has been non destructive while in his crate. He is going to be a lower to medium energy dog when he matures. Beau loves playing and will enjoy walks, hikes and any other moderate outdoor activities but he does not require strenuous exercise to keep him happy. Mental stimulation is more Beau’s jam. This young fella is smart and food motivated, he has a strong desire to learn is going to be a very fun training companion. Beau is still working on his house training skills but wants to be clean! Beau has next to no leash skills, he has spent the majority of his life tied to a fence so all he knows is how to pull and bark when he is excited to see something that he cannot reach. As a result, he will require an owner that is patient and will be dedicated to teaching him proper leash manners. This beautiful boy is vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and will come with a Neuter contract in place. All interested families must be able to establish a relationship with a vet prior to adoption. If you’ve been looking for a smart and handsome new pooch apply today for a chance to meet BEAU