FOR ADOPTION: BEAR is a family friendly 3 year old male Lab/Shar-Pei/Pit Bull mix looking for his forever home. When he is back at his prime weight Bear will be a solid mid sized pooch. He is an active, high energy, intelligent guy with a somewhat anxious personality. We are hoping to find Bear a home with a very calm, relaxed vibe and easy going humans that will be able to help him learn to chill out when his anxiety gets the best of him. Ideally this easy going family will also be very into outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, skiing and hiking so they match well with Bear's activity level. Bonus points will go to families that also thoroughly enjoy training dogs as Bear is smart and enjoys mental stimulation along with his physical exercise. Bear has been phenomenal with children including toddlers, he is gentle yet playful with them. He isn't as good with other animals. At this point we feel Bear would do best as an only Pet, potentially with regular exercise dates with other dogs. Once he has really gotten his anxiety in check Bear could do well with another dog in the home. He really wants to have friends but needs constant supervision when with other dogs to ensure he is behaving appropriately. His excitement and prey drive towards cats will likely never fully go away and we will not consider homes where he has the potential of living with one. Bear is neutered, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and eagerly awaiting finding his perfect match. If you're a chill family or person looking for a fun active companion apply today for a chance to meet BEAR.