Baily - adoption pending

FOR ADOPTION: Baily is a 9 year old, approximately 10lb chihuahua mix with a personality to die for. She LOVES to chase a ball and could do it for hours and is thrilled to Walk, Could go all day but as soon as your relaxing she just wants to be cuddled right up. She likes to sleep in bed with her person but does also sleep well in a crate. Baily is quiet and gentle with young children but will choose adults or older children if she gets the choice. Baily loves to run and play in the yard with her foster brother Maverick, a mid sized mix breed. She is also currently living with three cats, one of which can usually be found snuggled up beside her for nap time. She’s also good in the vehicle and enjoys camping and road trips (she likes to borrow a lap so she can see out the window). Baily is still not 100% house trained, at our last update she was having approx one pee accident in the house a week and just starting to alert her foster family to her need to go outside. She is currently very comfortably wearing a diaper in her foster home while indoors. She would do very well if she had access to a dog door. Her biggest “quirk” Is that she has a very irregular heart beat. We took her for ECG testing in Kitimat and it was found that She has a pronounced sinus arrhythmia and 2nd degree atrioventricular heart block. Right now the diagnosis is to monitor for clinical signs such as coughing, becoming lethargic etc and she will need check ups including rads every 4-6 months. She has lived like this a very long time and we’ve not been given any reason to suspect she will have a shortened life expectancy but she will be a fairly expensive girl with her regular check ups. Her loving, attentive personality is well worth the costs of keeping her healthy ��Baily is spayed, vaccinated, and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a loving, adventurous little dog, apply today for a chance to meet BAILY