FOR ADOPTION: BABY is a 7.5 month old mid sized mix breed. She currently weighs just over 40lbs and we don't expect her to be more than 60lbs mature. Baby is a very sweet gentle dog that is in need of a loving and understanding family. She has a friendly, affectionate, melt in your lap type of personality with people once she is comfortable but will bark at strangers. She is very good with children but is still learning to not jump up. She is also fantastic with other dogs. She will play with playful buddies but will be respectful and calm if that is what the other dogs are wanting. She has had limited experience with cats but she has been calm and non interested in them so far. Baby rides well in the car , is crate trained and has great recall. Baby gets so excited to see her family that she will submissive/excited pee and she will need an understanding and calm family to reinforce positive behaviour and help her overcome this issue. She is also still a puppy and needs work on general obedience and learning that chewing is not acceptable behaviour. Baby is a highly intelligent and eager to learn dog that requires a home that will provide her with ample mental stimulation along with physical exercise to help her reach her full potential. She has a low to medium energy level, she loves to go for walks and hikes but is just as happy to spend a day at home cuddling, gardening etc. We feel that Baby would do best in a home where there is someone around most of the time. Like most toddlers, Baby will be a fair bit of work in the training department, but she is smart and keen to learn with a wing personality. With consistency and patience this girl is going to blossom into on heck of a lovely dog. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. Apply today for a chance to meet BABY!