FOR ADOPTION: ALEAH is a 1.5 year old female large breed mix that comes to us from the village of Kispiox. We were told she had been a community dog since she was a puppy roaming the village with many friends but no real home. Aleah’s time as a community dog has left it’s mark on her character in good ways and bad. The positives are that she seems to get along well with almost everyone and she is quite calm by nature. The negative is that she is food possessive towards other dogs. Aleah is a friend to all, she is great with children and typically warms up quickly to strangers (she was quite scared of our amazing photographer and her big camera but has loved everyone else). Aleah has been fantastic with other large dogs. She loves to play with other playful young friends and is respectful if the other dogs tell her to back off. Aleah has only met one small dog while in our care and she has been less respectful of his boundaries and continued trying to play when he was not interested. If Aleah is to have small dog friends they will need to be confident around large dogs and comfortable setting their limits. When tested with cats Aleah was pretty neutral. She is not fixated in prey mode but also not completely uninterested in them. Aleah follows direction well and will need guidance to know exactly how to interact with cats should she need to live with them. As for the negative side effect of living as a community dog, Aleah never knew exactly when she would get her next meal and was often competing with other animals for the food she did get. As a result Aleah is food possessive towards other animals, this does not transfer over to humans at all. She will need to be closely monitored around feeding times and ideally fed in a kennel if she is living with other animals. If Aleah is in a home with other pets it should be a household that can guarantee there will not be food items left on the floor etc for her to feel the need to take. Aleah is a solid medium energy dog, she loves to play and will Easily keep up on all outdoor activities but she will also happily spend time lounging in the yard or inside on the couch. She is house trained and has been non destructive so far at the shelter. Aleah is slightly anxious in the vehicle as she has had minimal car rides but she is learning to enjoy outings. Aleah is yearning for a family to call her own and she is an incredibly cuddly and loyal if she is given a chance. She is also highly trainable as she has a strong food drive and enjoys the connection that comes with training. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a loving and loyal girl apply today for a chance to meet ALEAH.