FOR ADOPTION: TALOOSE is a stunning young adult male. This boy is full of attitude and and just oozes bad boy charm. Taloose is a dominate guy that gets along well with submissive feline buddies but will challenge another dominant male. He is not a huge fan of excitable or loud dogs but could learn to share his space with a calm dog. Like a typical bad boy Taloose likes to play hard to get. He will spend the majority of his time exploring, playing, basically anything he can think of to make you want to spend some time with him. Just when you're feeling overly ignored he will swoop in with a short but sweet cuddle session and win his way back into your good books. Taloose came in with an old injury to his lower back which is still healing and sometimes causes him to walk with a limp. He is protective of the spot where he used to have pain and will protect it if he feels like it may be bumped. As a result we think Taloose will be best suited in a home with children aged 10+. Taloose has an adventurous spirit and would be happiest in an indoor/outdoor home. Taloose is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you think you can win the bad boy over and get him to settle down, apply today