Sushi and Zenaya

FOR ADOPTION: SUSHI and ZENAYA are 1 year and 9 months respectively. These girls came to us from the same home and are very close buddies. They would love to be adopted together but could also learn to live apart. Sushi and Zenaya are both very good with other cats and have lived with dogs and children in the past. Zenaya is extremely playful, she loves to chase, climb and pounce with tiger young cats. Sushi is calmer and more selective in who she plays with but certainly still has a playful side. These girls are very affectionate, often climbing on top of each other to get closer to the person petting them. They do seem to prefer their attention in the form of pets verses being held. They are used to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and we think they would be happiest being able to continue this way. These girls are spayed, tattooed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you've been looking for a dynamic duo apply today for a chance to meet SUSHI and ZENAYA