FOR ADOPTION: SPITFIRE is an almost 7 month old quirky girl that is looking for a patient and loving family. Spitfire was trapped with her mother and 6 brothers as a young kitten on a farm in the Round Lake area. As the only girl in a large brood she very quickly earned her name holding her own against her brothers and being one of the least willing to tame down. After two months in an experienced foster home, watching her brothers learn to love people and move on to their forever families, Spitfire finally decided to give domestication a try. She warmed up to the 10 year old girl that has been unwaveringly working at taming her. Spitfire has now realized that people mean good food, new toys and gentle back rubs... all of which are things she truly enjoys. She wants so badly to interact with us, rubbing on her kennel and purring loudly to solicit attention. As you go in to give her a pet uncertainly will typically get the best of her as she ducks away from the rub she so badly wants. If you follow through with your pet Spitfire very quickly relaxes and is easy to purr and happy to be held for short periods. When she’s not being her quirky type of affectionate Spitfire is a fun playful young cat that enjoys other felines (but will dominate those younger than her), gets along well with children aged 10+ and could Easily learn to live with a calm gentle dog. Spitfire is spayed, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and so ready to find her special someone. If you think that someone could be you apply today for a chance to meet SPITFIRE.