Sparky, Thorne and Crispin

UPDATE: CRISPIN, SPARKY and THORNE have now been with is for 6.5 months! This trio of four year old siblings certainly did need their time to mourn the loss of their late owner but they are now more than ready to find homes together or separate. Crispin is miss aloof. This lady loves to be pet, but doesn't want anyone to know it. She's the type of cat that will casually slip in for a cuddle on the couch or bed when she feels like it but will otherwise be happy watching her family go about their day. She is not comfortable with children but is very tolerant of the other cats and could live with a calm dog. Sparky, the lone male, is the most forward of the bunch. Sparky is quite happy to be pet and brushed but also has a bit of a playful side. He is very intrigued with the other cats and will often play with the kittens when he thinks the care takers are not looking. Sparky is now warming up to the idea of young children, he would be very happy in a home with older calm kids and would adjust well to a family with a baby that grew up with him. Starting off in a home with busy toddlers is still a bit more than he is ready for. Sparky could also learn to live with a calm dog. Thorne has shown that she is the biggest cuddle bug around. Once this girl trusts you and is comfortable in her space she wants all the pets, all the time. She loves head rubs, belly scratches and gentle play. We picture Thorne in a home where she can spend her entire day snuggled on the bed or couch, she's not much for adventure. Thorne is still not comfortable with small children and, although she gets along very well with her siblings, isn't the biggest fan of other animals. Thorne would be thrilled to go to a home with Crispin or Sparky but otherwise we feel she may do best as an only pet. All three of these cats have been indoor only their entire lives and we feel they are best suited to continuing with that lifestyle. They are up to date on all of their vetting and parasite control. If you have a relaxed household, a little patience and a lot of love apply today for a chance to meet CRISPIN, SPARKY and/or THORNE