Spanakopita - Adoption pending!

FOR ADOPTION: SPANAKOPITA is an approximately 4 year old gentleman looking for is forever family. Spanakopita came to us as a female with an apparent breathing issue. This cat was taken to the vet prior to intake as we were worried the breathing issue could be contagious. It was quickly discovered that “she”’was in fact a he and the breathing issue was just him purring up a storm as soon as anyone pays him any attention. From that point on Spanakopita has always been the best case scenario. He is friendly and affectionate with everyone including young kids, he is respectful of other cats of all ages and he is very calm around calm friendly dogs. Spanakopita is a low key guy that enjoys lounging on comfortable beds and being pet and cuddled. Spanakopita was found as a stray outside but he is not showing any signs of wanting to return to the great outdoors. As he settles into a forever home he may become more playful or adventurous but for now he is very content to simply relax and enjoy life. Spanakopita is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a large purr machine apply today for a chance to meet SPANAKOPITA