FOR ADOPTION: SHARK is an approximately 2 year old female looking for a busy, mature household to call her own. When Shark first arrived she had major mood swings and would go from a friendly cuddly girl when in heat to attack mode when she wasn’t. Luckily being spayed has helped those mood swings disappear and she is now the same cat every day. Shark is a bold, confident girl that enjoys being pet, playing and exploring. She pairs best with confident people that have some cat experience and are able to read her body language. Shark has been very friendly and personable since her spay but she can get overstimulated if play is pushed too far. After spending some time with Shark it is easy to tell when she has had too much fun and when to walk away from the play session and let her chill out for a bit. For this reason we think she will do best in a teenage plus aged home. Shark has been good with other calm, friendly cats and she would love a playful cat companion but they cat will need to be quite submissive if it is playful. She takes a long while to warm up to new dogs but once she does she is comfortable with them. Shark would do very well indoor/outdoor in a safe environment or indoor only in a home that can take time to burn her energy each day. Shark is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun, interactive cat apply today for a chance to meet SHARK.