Sweet little SALVADOR is the next kitten available for adoption. This little guy is a real fighter, the only surviving kitten from his litter. It seems his young mom was not making enough milk to feed all her babies so all but asap had passed away before they came into our care. Shortly after arriving at NWAS and moving into their foster home Sal’s mother rejected him as well. Luckily he was past the threshold of only being able to have milk and was living in a very dedicated and loving foster home. Salvador’s abrupt and early weaning did cause him some digestive issues for a few weeks and his foster mom worked hard on his diet to clear that up and get him growing. Salvador will always be a petite cat but he’s fun, playful and affectionate! This little guy is great with other cats, very comfortable with friendly dogs and could live with calm children. HIs digestive issues have passed and he is so ready to move into his forever home. As always any family wanting to adopt from us needs to be or become a registered client with a vet clinic. Fill out an application for a chance to meet Salvador!