Salty - adoption pending!

FOR ADOPTION: SALTY is a a very special boy looking for a very special home. This huge fella is estimated to be 8.5 months old which has us thinking he is a Maine Coon mix. Salty showed up as a stray in the rural Telkwa area over the summer and the wonderful family talked to neighbours and then started feeding him to prepare him for live trapping. When he was comfortable in his feeding location and we had room at the shelter a trap was set and the big boy was brought in. Salty was initially highly fearful hiding at the back of his kennel and hissing and swatting. He slowly started to trust that we wouldn’t hurt him while dropping his food and cleaning his litter, then got curious about us and started sniffing our fingers through his kennel wires, then slowly allowed the first tentative pets. Now, 2.5 months after his arrival, Salty loves to be loved on and pet. He will rub and roll on your hands while being pet and actively seeks out attention. He can be held and carried but prefers to be on his own four feet while receiving his affection. Salty has come leaps and bounds in the last couple of months. Stories like his are why we don’t just write the scared semi feral cats off As barn cats and move on to the next, they are why we can’t immediately take in every cat we are contacted about... sometimes there is already a cat in our kennel, a cat like Salty who has been promised our help and needs more time to decompress and learn before he is ready for adoption. Luckily Salty is now ready for his forever home. He is comfortable with all of his adult caretakers and will accept pets from quiet gentle children. At this time would would like to Find him a mature household as the loud noises that come with kids could still Overwhelm him. With time he could absolutely be a family cat. Salty has been amazing with all the other cats at the shelter, he is a submissive big boy that has graciously allowed the other friendly cats to visit him in his kennel. He is cautious of dogs and would need a very calm and patient canine if he were to live with one. Salty does still have a playful side but he is mostly a lounger at this time. He likes to observe the world around him before diving into it. We expect his true personality to continue to unfold as he continues to settle into domestic life. We would like to find Salty an indoor only home as the big outside world is full of frightening things.Salty is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have room in your home for a big beautiful boy and patience in your heart to help him work through his final few quirks please apply today for a chance to meet SALTY
*please expect a minimum of one weeks wait time on all applications*
*due to COVID we are not doing adoptions outside of Northern BC*