FOR ADOPTION: SALEM is a charming approximately 3 year old male looking for a family to love. This fella is nervous in new environments but once he has settled in he is a bold, adventurous, interactive companion that loves to be involved in everything going on around him. Salem is sweet and cuddly as well as fun and playful. He enjoys giving the shelter crew new hairdos while we write notes, supervising us while we wash dishes and telling us when it’s time to feed everyone. Salem is good with older children but at times he does play too rough for younger kids. Salem’s big personality could fill any household and we do think it would be best if he is an only pet. He enjoys some other cats and is tolerant of dogs but he comes on strong in play and is very dominant with the other critters. For harmony’s sake... he would prefer to be the centre of his family’s universe. We think Salem would be happiest in a home where he can be indoor/outdoor in a safe environment he would
Love to be out in the yard with his people during the day and curled up beside them at night. Salem is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a friendly guy with a big personality, apply today for a chance to meet SALEM