FOR ADOPTION: RUKUS is an approximately 4 year old male looking for the family of his dreams. This big, beautiful boy showed up on the shelter property at the end of winter, likely as a drop off. He ripped open donations to feed himself and caused troubles with the neighbour’s cats in an effort to protect his food. Needless to say we were all relived when we were able to trap Rukus and get him indoors, warm and well fed. Rukus was initially very scared of humans but started warming up to the idea of treats and eventually realized that head rubs felt good. Now he is a friendly , affectionate fellow who actively seeks out attention and snacks. He enjoys being pet for long periods and is starting to show off his playful side. He has been very respectful of the other cats at the shelter and cautious but non aggressive towards friendly dogs. He is still a little overwhelmed by loud kids and would likely be happiest in a home aged 10+. Rukus has been very happy indoor only and could easily stick with that lifestyle. After a lot of time and bonding he could also be indoor/outdoor in a rural area as he is not traffic savvy. Rukus is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a Diamond in the rough apply today for a chance to meet RUKUS.