FOR ADOPTION: RINGO is an approximately 18 month old female looking for a patient and loving family to live out her happily ever after with. Ringo came to our care terrified and mothering 4 adorable kittens. The last of her babies (#NWASBoulder) was adopted last week at 6 months old and it’s time for momma Ringo to follow suite. Once her babies were weaned Ringo moved into an experienced foster home to see if she could overcome her fear and happily live as a family pet or if she would be happiest as a barn cat. We are pleased to say that Ringo has decided she wants the love of a family. She is shy with strangers but slowly learning to trust new people thanks to all the positive interactions she has with many different volunteers now that she is back at the shelter. Ringo absolutely loves full body pets, head rubs and chin scritches once she is comfortable with you and had started meowing for evening cuddles in her foster home. Ringo is very good with other cats and would be thrilled to have a home with a bold, confident feline friend and role model. She was also quite comfortable with the large dogs in her foster home. If she has hinding holes within the home she could live with calm and kind children. Ringo is best suited to an indoor only home as she is easily overwhelmed by new experiences. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you are looking for a Diamond in the rough apply today for a chance to meet RINGO.