FOR ADOPTION: REMINGTON is a 5 year old female that is looking for a calm loving home to Call her own. Remington should be the poster child for why you need to take your pets to the vet when they are having strange behavioural issues. This sweet girl started going to the bathroom in inappropriate places three years ago. Her family tried every behavioural modification and training technique they knew, she had multiple litter boxes which were kept very clean and still she was peeing inappropriately. The landlord had enough and Remington had to come into our care. We suggested a vet visit prior to her coming in but the landlord was not willing to give the family more time to work with her. Remington saw a vet very quickly after intake and it was found that she had an intense urinary tract infection and urinary crystals. We started treatment for the infection immediately and started her on special food to help break down the crystals in her urine. Remington is now a healthy girl that is only going to the bathroom in her litter box. She is still on the special urinary diet because her urine is highly concentrated which makes her high risk to develop crystals again. Luckily this food is cost comparable to any good quality cat food. Remington is a sweet, gentle girl that enjoys a quiet environment. Loud kids stress her out so we would like to find a home aged 12+. She could easily live with a calm friendly cat (she’s not a fan of the overly playful ones) and has lived with an easy going dog for many years. Remington is looking for an indoor only home. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve got a calm environment that’s in need of a loving critter apply today for a chance to meet REMINGTON