FOR ADOPTION: RACHEL is a stunning approximately 2 year old female looking to become more than the girl next door. This pretty lady was a stray in the Quick area for over a year before the property owner was able to trap her and bring her indoors. Shortly after moving inside it became obvious that Rachel had no intentions of staying feral. She warmed up to everyone in the home, except the dog. Rachel is a sweet and extremely affectionate girl that enjoys the company of adults but finds children to be very overwhelming. We would like to find Rachel a home aged 12+ at this time. Rachel is wonderful with other cats of all ages. She is motherly with young kittens and respectful of her elders. Dogs are a different story for Rachel, her sweet side succumbs to darkness when they are around and she will
Go out of her way to attack. The only logical explanation for this drastic change in behaviour is that Rachel has had to protect herself from dogs in the past. Whatever the reasoning we will be looking for a dog free home for her. Despite having lived outdoors for most of her life Rachel shows no signs of wanting to go back. She is looking for an indoor only home where she can wrap up in a comfy blanket and nap away the winter. Rachel is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control.
If you’ve been looking for a sweet, gentle girl
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