Podkin Litter

This next batch of babies looking for forever families are not as bold and confident as most of our kittens but they are coming around quickly! The “Podkin” litter of kittens was found in a kennel in the ditch way out on Babine Lake Rd. They were covered in urine and feces when they first arrived and, understandably scared. They’ve been bathed, vet checked and are well on their way to being socialized. If you’re looking for a kitten fill out an application today!  DOB estimated Nov 10-22

Kree - female, timid and sweet (Adopted)

Jori - female, timid but won over by food (Adopted)

Uki - Male, bold and cudly

Pook - male, not timid, but not bold

Podkin - male, timid but will do anything, including cuddle, for food (Adopted)