FOR ADOPTION: PERCY is a 6 year old male looking for a loving new home. This guy arrived at Babine Animal Hospital on deaths doorstep with a very extreme urinary blockage that was causing his kidneys to shut down. The amazing team at Babine fought hard and were able to save Percy which we are so thankful for. We were warned when we picked him up from the clinic that he was fractious and may not be easily adoptable but we were willing to take the chance. Once he finished his pain medication and cleared the final urinary crystals from his system Percy’s anger and lashing out stopped and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know he sweet self. When not in pain Percy is a real little gentleman. He’s friendly and affectionate with people of all ages while not being overly demanding of your time. This is a cat that will happily entertain himself while his family works and greet you will cuddles when you get home. He is very comfortable around dogs and has done well with most of the cats here at the shelter. Overall Percy should be an easy fellow to inter-grate into most homes. He will require a special urinary care diet from the vet clinic to ensure he never has to relive his traumatic urinary blockage. Percy was indoor/outdoor at his previous home but, because he does need his humans to keep a close eye on what he is eating, he should now be an indoor only cat. Percy does not seem to mind indoor life at all which is nice. That being said he may enjoy a catio during the warm months. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date with parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet new friend apply today for a chance to meet PERCY.