FOR ADOPTION: OLI is a handsome 4.5 year old male looking for a quiet household to call his own. This big boy came to us as he was peeing inappropriately in his previous home. We ran a urinalysis and found he had highly concentrated urine with a lot of white blood cells in it. These were indicators that he had developed crystals in his urine. Urinary crystals are a common problem in mature male cats that do not drink enough water or are often stressed. Oil’s dad was a camp worker and it is felt that his coming and going may have caused Oli some stress which in turn started his urinary issues. Oli has been on a special urinary food since his vet visit and we have had zero issues with him peeing anywhere other than his litter box. We would like to find sensitive Oli a home where his people are not coming and going often to have him feel stable and less stressed. This means, ideally no camp workers or children that come and go from university or have split schedules between parents etc. We also think he would do best with kids aged 5+ that understand to not accidentally chase the cat while playing. This may all sound quite high maintenance but the food he needs is cost comparable to any good quality cat food and in the right household Oli will be a very easy going guy. He is fairly low energy and likes to spend the majority of his time snuggled in a warm nook watching the day go by, when the weather gets warmer he would enjoy having access to the outdoors to meander his neighbour hood as well. Oli gets along well with other easy going cats, tolerates busy children and has lived very happily with friendly dogs for the past few years. If you’re looking for an easygoing companion for your quite life apply today for a chance to meet OLI