FOR ADOPTION: NESTLE is an approximately 2 year old female looking for a barn or shop to call home. Nestle was feral in the town houses area of Houston and was trapped along with her most recent litter of kittens by some dedicated volunteers. Nestle has lived in foster care for a few months while she raised her babies. During this time her foster family attempted to tame her but she has made it clear she does not enjoy living in a home or interacting with humans. Nestle has cohabited with other cats without issue and she chooses to avoid dogs. All but one of her kittens (who are tame Thanks to their foster family) have now been adopted, Nestle is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have a quite, heated spot in your barn or shop and are willing to trade cat kibble for mouse control apply today for a chance to meet NESTLE .