FOR ADOPTION: MYLA is a stunning roughly 7 month old female Siamese mix looking for a fun and loving family to call her own. Myla is an affectionate, cuddly girl that gets along well with people of all ages including toddlers. She is very happy to be Pet and held and will likely expect to be able to sleep in bed with her human. Playtime is something else miss Myla will expect, she loves to chase around jingle balls and catnip mice. She is also very good with other cats. Myla will play with the other young playful cats or calmly hang out with her more mature buddies. This girl seems to be a bit of a peace keeper, often injecting fun into tense situations between other cats. Dogs are a little less up Myla's ally. She has been reactive towards the larger dogs we have introduced her to and we have not had the ability to see how she reacts to smaller dogs. As of now we do think Myla may be happiest in a dog-free home. She seems very content indoor only but could be indoor/outdoor in the right environment. Myla is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. Apply today for a chance to meet MYLA