Misty and Thrifty

FOR ADOPTION: MISTY and THRIFTY are a pair of adult female cats that are looking to get the heck out of the shelter and into a barn or shop. These girls were trapped this winter in down town Smithers along with three older kittens. The kittens have come around to handling with two ready for homes and one well on her way to being ready. We have tried hard with Misty and Thrifty to bring them around to human handling but it has become apparent that these ladies want to live wild and free. Misty is non violent but terrified of people and Thrifty… is violent if she feels cornered. Both girls are spayed and up to date on parasite control and vaccinations. They are willing to work for food and would prefer you leave them to their duties. If you’re looking for a pair of cats to keep the rodents down and have a heated secure space to keep them warm apply today for MISTY and THRIFTY