Micky and Rory update

UPDATE: MICKY and RORY are a 14 month old brother/sister pair that have been looking for their forever home or homes for over a year! They came to us in a litter of four kittens born wild, their smart momma brought them to humans and the socialization began. Micky and Rory have spent time in a few different foster homes learning to trust people. These two take a long time to warm up to new people but when they do they are sweet and fun little companions. Micky is the quieter of the two. She spends most of her time lounging around but won’t turn away friendly interactions with other animals or gentle pets from those she trusts. Rory is a social butterfly that is often found playing or cuddling with the other cats at the shelter. He is also the more adventurous sibling, often sneaking out of his kennel to introduce himself to new cats or show off his play moves. Both siblings are wonderful with other cats of all ages and personalities and comfortable around calm dogs. These two prefer mature human company to that of children. We feel they would be best in a home with kids aged 13+ that understand calm gentle interactions and won’t be offended if the cats need their space at times. Micky and Rory are spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and ready to find a forever home together or apart. If you have a lot of patience and love to share apply today for a chance to meet MICKY and/or RORY.