Micky and Rory

FOR ADOPTION: MICKY and RORY are a six month old brother/sister duo. These two are the remaining two kittens from our golf course litter so the siblings of Annika and kittens of Ariya. Micky is the female and she is really starting to come into herself. She is a playful, energetic, and engaging little lady. She is still on the shy side but will warm up to a gentle and understanding person. You can quietly play your way into this girl's heart. Rory, the male, is the shyest of the bunch. He is still untrusting of most people but will enjoy a quiet petting session with the right person. Micky is really enjoying the company of the other young cats and seems comfortable around gentle dogs. Rory is most comfortable with his sisters but is starting to warm up to the other cats as well, he is still a little nervous around dogs. Both of these sweet kitties will be best suited to mature, indoor only households for now. With time they could accept a new baby etc to the family. They are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations and parasite control. If you have the patience and love to help one of these beauties blossom into their very best selves apply today