FOR ADOPTION: LURVY is an approximately 2 year old male looking for a loving, mature household to call his own. This adorable guy was found in a sheep barn and presumed to be a feral, pregnant female. He was quickly trapped and brought to us where it was discovered that he was none of those things. In fact he was a friendly neutered male. Lurvy is quite affectionate and really enjoys being pet but is still learning how to show his love to humans. He will rub all over you while you’re petting him but will also grab at your hands when you try to stop petting him. Those of us that know him well know to quickly pull our hand away when cuddle time is over to prevent him from grabbing us but, we don’t think small kids would be able to grasp this concept. For this reason Lurvy is looking for a teenage plus aged home. He has been excellent with other cats both at the farm he came from and here at the shelter and he seems quite comfortable with calm friendly dogs. Lurvy is a cuddle machine that would enjoy having someone home with him the majority of the time. He is best suited to an indoor only life as the outside world terrifies him. Lurvy is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an extra affectionate new friend apply today for a chance to meet LURVY