FOR ADOPTION: LUNA is a fierce, fabulous 2 year old female looking for a home to call her own. This pretty diva gets along well with other cats but likes to make the rules and would pair best with a submissive Feline friend. Luna finds dogs to be loud and smelly and she would rather not have to share her space with them. She would love to have her own special family to tend to her needs and shower her with affection. A home with older children that understand not to poke and prod while Luna is resting would be the best match. Luna's long, luxurious locks will require regular upkeep to keep her mat free. Daily grooming (which she doesn't exactly enjoy) or stylish haircuts such as a lions cut will do the trick to keep miss Luna comfortable. Despite all the primping Luna requires, she's not just a pretty face, this girl can hold her own at play and could happily be indoor/outdoor or indoor only. If you've been looking for just the right fabulous diva to fill your home with fun apply today  for a chance to meet LUNA!