FOR ADOPTION: LOLITA is a sweet, gentle 5 month old female looking for a calm, loving family. She is shy a first but quickly warms up to a gentle head pat and would do anything for an ear rub. Once she knows you Lolita loves cuddles and would gladly spend all day, everyday wrapped up beside you on the couch. If you work from home and want a quiet but constant companion, Lolita could be your girl. Lolita has been very good with the other animals at the shelter. She is curious but very submissive with the other cats and suspicious of dogs but willing to be friends if they are gentle. Due to her shy and quiet nature, Lolita wouldn't be the best choice for loud and busy household. However, she could do well with mellow children. Lolita has been very happy as an indoor only cat so far and we would like to find her a home where she can continue with that lifestyle. Lolita may be 5 months in age but she is closer to 3 months in size, at this time the vet is recommending delaying her spay until she has had time to fill out. This will decrease the chances of complications during her surgery and improve her ability to heal after the surgery. For this reason Lolita will be adopted out at the female kitten fee of $260 which includes the cost of her spay once she is large enough. She is vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you've been looking for a quiet and loving companion apply today for a chance to meet LOLITA.