FOR ADOPTION: LIVIA the 1 year old super mom is all healed up from her spay surgery and ready to find her forever family. This beautiful girl came to us from the town house area of Houston with three tiny babies. She moved into one of our most experienced foster homes and once she was settled in she ended up adopting a litter of 4 orphan kittens that were a week older than her own babies. Livia was a superstar mother to her brood of 7 and took care of everyone with minimal help from her foster mom. Now the babies are grown and weaned and Livia is able to let her true self shine. She is a bold, adventurous, friendly and playful young cat with a zest for life. She thoroughly enjoys playing and exploring but also gives great snuggles in her down time. Livia has shown that she is quite comfortable around other cats of all ages and after a slow introduction period she would gladly share her home with a feline friend. She is also very good with young children and could easily live with them. Livia is not a fan of dogs and will not be willing to cohabitate peacefully with one. She is now spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun young feline apply today for a chance to meet LIVIA