FOR ADOPTION: LAGER is a stunning young (roughly 1 year old) male Persian Mix. He was brought in to our care after a gentleman witnessed a vehicle pull up to the end of his rural driveway, kick out a cat, and drive away. Lager was a timid, mat filled ragamuffin when he came through our doors but a shave job and lots of love has brought out his confidence. This beautiful boy loves to be loved on. Lager will snuggle in when being held and could have his belly rubbed all day long. He is gentle and kind to people of all ages but does take some time to get used to loud, rowdy kids. His affectionate nature does not transfer to other critters. Lager is fairly nervous around dogs but could learn to live with a calm and gentle one. We have not yet been able to successfully integrate Lager with the other cats. He seems to feel the best offence is a good defence and, despite his smaller frame, he is not afraid to take on the big guys. At this point we feel Lager will best suited as an only cat. He could be very happy indoor only or indoor/outdoor in the right environment. Lager's long locks will require very regular grooming to keep him mat free. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If Lager's soulful yellow eyes have drawn you in apply today for a chance to meet him!