Kenai (updated)

KENAI the Manx kitten is now 7 months old and neutered a d he is still looking for his purrfect forever family. Kenai still has his playful kitten personality but his new owner will lot have to worry about the coat of getting him neutered!
This adorable fella loves to play, hide in boxes, and chase toys. When he has burned off all of his energy Kenai will find himself a person,critter companion, or a comfy spot to snuggle in to. He has been living in a fantastic foster home since coming into our care at 3 weeks old. He adores the 3 cats and mid sized dog that he has been living with, and has made each one a little more playful when he is around. Kenai has limited experience with children, but would probably do great after a bit of an adjustment, as he loves to play! Now you’re probably wondering, why has this wonderful kitten been in the care of NWAS for 6 months without finding a family? The answer is because he is wonderful, but complicated. Kenai was born with Manx Syndrome. He is completely tailless and as a result he is prone to constipation that could eventually lead to mega colon. For now he needs to be on specialty food and his litter needs to be monitored to ensure he is passing the food he eats at a proper consistency. He has been doing great the past couple months but could change at anytime. Anyone interested in bringing Kenai home will need to do research on Manx Syndrome and be prepared to continually work with a veterinarian as his condition develops. He will need to live an indoor only lifestyle so his family can properly monitor what he eats. We know that he would love to have a catio or a window seat to watch the outside world. With the right home and veterinary care Kenai could live anywhere from a few years to a ripe old age, only time will tell. What we do know for sure is that he will make sure his family's home is filled with love and laughter every moment that he is with them. If you’ve been looking for a very special kitty apply today for a chance to meet KENAI.