FOR ADOPTION: KATNISS is an approximately 2 year old female that truly deserves her warrior name. She is one of the bravest girls we’ve met in awhile. Katniss was dumped at a farm in the Evelyn area either heavily pregnant or with a litter of very young kittens. Katniss worked hard to keep her babies fed and safe. She is lucky that the owners of that farm were willing to take the time to catch her and the babies and bring them into a loving foster home. Once she arrived in foster it was quickly apparent that our brave Katniss was given reason to fear humans in the past and she would take some time to learn to trust us . She allowed her wonderful foster mom to socialize her kittens and love Her from afar. When Katniss and her babies came back to the shelter for weaning and vetting we were still thinking Katniss may need to return to the farm she was found at as a barn cat after she was spayed. We had a few good heart to heart chats with Katniss and and let her decide if she wanted to live with humans or stay wild. She ultimately decided to dig deep and find the courage to try trusting us scary humans. Over the last couple of weeks Katniss has started to blossom. She is a sweet, shy cat that is working so hard to open up. She’s learning that pets feel quite nice but still only wants them when she asks. She will shy away if you try to pet her when she is not expecting it. Katniss is not yet ready to be held or cuddle but she is really starting to solicit pets and does have the potential to be cuddly with a patient person. Katniss lived in foster care with another cat and gets along with others here at the shelter. She would do well in a home with a cat that is already confident and trusting of people. She also very amicably lived in a foster home with a respectful dog and could continue in that fashion. She is not comfortable around loud children and would do best in a mature household. Katniss is best suited as an indoor only cat at this time. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve have time and patience in spades and are looking to open your home to a shy little warrior, apply today for a chance to meet KATNISS.