FOR ADOPTION: JUNO is a friendly, forward approximately 9 month old female looking for a loving household to call her own. Juno is a cool looking lady with her rare black tabby colouring and her personality is even cooler. Juno is very patient and playful with children and gets along splendidly with other cats. She will play with other playful friends and gives the older, calmer cats the space they want. Juno has not had many experiences with dogs so far, she is cautiously defensive but could likely learn To live with a very calm and uninterested dog. Juno has a zest for life and loves to play and explore. She is used to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and will be happiest continuing in that fashion. Juno is spayed, vaccinated and up to
date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a lively lady to add to your family apply today for a chance to meet JUNO