FPR ADOPTION: JUNI is a fun 10 month old female looking for an exciting family of her own. This pretty little lady came into our care extremely young and pregnant. She gave birth to three kittens and with extensive help from a dedicated foster home she successfully raised two of the babies. Juni could be the poster child for why cats should be spayed as soon as they are old enough and kept indoors until they get their surgery. This girl was too young to be a momma, her body could not produce the milk her babies required and she had no idea how to teach her daughters to be well rounded cats. Juni and her kittens were lucky because they had our help, so many others are no so lucky. Now that Juni’s babies are weaned she has become a kitten herself again and she is ready to start her happily ever after. Juni LOVES to run and play. She will chase string and balls, run laps and explore every nook and cranny of her space with whole-hearted enthusiasm. When all of her youthful energy has been burned Juni is happy to curl up for a snuggle with her favourite people. She is good with kids (especially those that like to play) and could live with calm dogs but Juni does seem to prefer life as the only cat in her household. She may be able to adjust to living with a fairly submissive and playful young cat but really doesn’t need another cat in her life to make her happy. Juni would be thrilled to be able to be indoor/outdoor in a safe environment or have an indoor only home that will be able to provide a lot of mental stimulation. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an active young cat apply today for a chance meet Juni.