FOR ADOPTION: JONES is a very large, loving 7 year old male looking for a family that will love him unconditionally. Jones has a history of very painful urinary crystals and blockages which are life threatening. He was brought in to one of our local clinics which an extreme blockage which had caused him to leak urine. He had emergency care to clear the blockage and is now on a special urinary food that prevents the crystals from building up in his system again. He came Into our care after a home lined up through the vet clinic did not work out and we are committed to find this big ball of love is purrfect family. Jones LOVES people of all ages and is all about the cuddles while being known to chases jingle ball from time to time. He gets along very well with friendly dogs but is not a fan of other cats. With time he will tolerate other calm cats but we do think he would be happiest in a home as an only feline. Jones is quite happy indoor only and would do very well continuing in that lifestyle as long as he has a picturesque window to gaze out of or a nice catio. He could Also be indoor/outdoor in a very quite and safe environment, this big guy is trusting and not very savvy to things like vehicles. Jones is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. He is currently healthy and just requires a special food that is cost comparable to any good quality cat food to keep him that way. If you’ve been looking for a big cuddle buddy apply today for a chance to meet JONES.