FOR ADOPTION: JEKYLL is the last of our League of Extraordinary Gentleman kittens to be available for adoption. He is an almost 7 month old male that is looking for a quiet and understanding household that will respect his insecurities and allow him to flourish. Jekyll is the shiest of his litter but oh so sweet once he knows you. Jekyll loves being pet and often flips over for little belly rubs etc but it will take time for him to get to that level of comfort with new people. Jekyll is amazing with other cats, respectful of boundries but also playful and friendly. He will pair best with another cat that is bold and friendly that can help him gain confidence in his new surroundings and family quickly. Jekyll is also ok with dogs as long as they are calm and respectful of cats. Children make him very nervous and he chooses to hide away and observe them vs interact with them. Jekyll is looking for a calm, indoor only lifestyle where he can be confident in his environment and not have to worry about the constant changes of the outdoor world. He is not a cat that is going to eagerly greet your guests but he is a cat that will eventually love you unconditionally and want to be on your lap or next to you in bed whenever possible. Jekyll is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have lots of patience and love and are willing to take time to build a relationship that will last a lifetime apply today for a chance to meet JEKYLL