FOR ADOPTION: HIDA fully embodies her name which derives from the German word for female warrior. She's estimated to be around 8 months old and we have no doubt the first seven months or so were hard on her. Hida was skinny and terrified when she arrived on a kind families doorstep. She has obviously learned that the best offence is a good defence as Hida makes a point of striking first if she feels threatened. She will also fight for her supper if she feels the need. When Hida is comfortable with you she is a bold, sweet, adventurous and affectionate companion. She's well worth the time it will take to earn her trust. At this time Hida would be best suited to a home free of small children. Hida does pretty well with other animals. She's been polite with the other cats both mature and kittens until she's hungry, then she doesn't like them by her food dish. Hida has been non reactive towards the calm dogs she has met and we think she could easily share a home with a calm canine buddy. Hida does well indoor only or could be indoor/outdoor in a quiet environment. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you're up for helping this little warrior learn to let her guard down apply today at www.nwas.ca for a chance to meet HIDA!