FOR ADOPTION: HEKTOR is an approximately 15 month old male looking for a loving forever family. He had been hanging around a farm in the Hungry Hill area for the better part of a year but always lurking and afraid. A young woman living there put in the time to earn his trust and was eventually able to bring him inside and keep him safe and warm until we had the room to take him in. Hektor is still learning about life around humans but he is doing very well. He is forward and friendly with adults and will do darn near anything for food. Loud noises still scare him into hiding so a quite household with kids aged 10 plus would be the best match until he truly knows what domestic life is like. Hektor has been friendly and respectful with the other cats here at the shelter and is cautiously open to the idea of living with calm dogs. Right now he is best suited to indoor only life, it would be awful if a loud noise in the outside world spooked him so much that he was too scared to get home. He is recently neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a loving fella to help blossom into the full version of himself, apply today for a chance to meet HEKTOR