FOR ADOPTION: HAZEL is an extremely sweet 4 year old female looking for a loving, mature forever home. This lovely lady was adopted from us as a kitten but was recently returned as she peed inappropriately a couple of times over the last couple of years. We immediately ran a urinalysis on Hazel as urinary problems are the number one reason that cats pee outside of their litter boxes. As expected the urinalysis showed extensive crystal build up in her urine so we started her on a vet prescribed diet to help break down the crystals and booked her in for x-rays to ensure the huge crystal build up did not cause any stones. Luckily for Hazel she had no stones in her bladder or kidneys and a repeat urinalysis has shown that the specialized food is doing it’s job and she is now urinary crystal free and ready for adoption. Hazel is a gentle, loving cat that enjoys mature company. She likes to be pet and plays her toys once she is comfortable in her environment . When Hazel relaxing she likes to cuddle up in her enclosed bed and snooze the day away. Hazel has lived very happily with a small friendly dog for the past four years and could easily do so again. She has been an only cat the majority of her life but while back at the shelter Hazel has shown an interest in making new feline friends. She is very submissive to other cats and would pair best with a gentle a friendly cat. Hazel has been indoor only her entire life and is best suited to continuing with that lifestyle. She has also been exposed to life in the road, sometimes travelling by RV with her previous family. Hazel will need to be on her vet prescribed c/d diet for the rest of her life to keep her nasty urinary crystals at bay. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet new friend for your quiet home, apply today for a chance to meet HAZEL