FOR ADOPTION: HARRY is an approximately 7 month old male looking for a loving home. This poor boy was trapped at a rural farm in the Hazelton area, likely the offspring of a cat that was dropped or dropped off himself when he started maturing. We are thankful To the property owner for putting in the work to trap this boy and get him somewhere safe. He was skinny, frightened and had a very bad eye infection. It took a month to get him to a healthy weight and clear up his eye infection, in that time this very sweet boy learned to trust and appreciate human Companionship. Harry is still standoffish with new people and easily overwhelmed by rambunctious children but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and he is very cuddly once he gets to know you. Harry is excellent with other cats, he LOVES to play with playful friends but will get the hint and back off when asked. He can also have a play party all on his own, he’s not a low energy fella. Harry has had minimal exposure to dogs and is cautious but non aggressive, he could easily live with a calm friendly pooch. Harry is a cat that will be needing an indoor only home, he does not have an adventurous side and shows no interest in heading back into the big, scary world. Harry is now neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have a Relatively quiet household that has room for a snuggler apply today for a chance to meet HARRY