FOR ADOPTION: GYPSY is a sweet, gentle one year old female hoping to find a home where she can spend some time in the spotlight. Gypsy came to us with 14 other cats from the same home. A lot of the other cats she came in with have big, bold and forward personalities so quiet Gypsy was often pushed to the back of the pack and not getting the attention she wanted. When Gypsy is away from her exuberant friends her sweet, loving nature has a chance to really shine. This girl may be quiet but she is also affectionate and really enjoys being pet and cuddled. Right now her favourite activity is to snuggle up in her favourite bed and watch the world go by but her more playful or adventurous side could come out as she is able to spend more time truly finding herself. Gypsy does get along well with other cats and would very happily live with a couple of other friendly cats if her family has time to give everyone some one on one attention. She is also open to the idea of living with calm, friendly dogs. Right now Gypsy would be best suited to an indoor only home. Gypsy is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a cat that will appreciate your attention apply today for a chance to meet GYPSY