FOR ADOPTION: GUS is finally ready to find a forever home. (search #luckyGus to follow Gus’s story on our page).This amazingly special kitty was found by a kind gentleman and brought to Vet to Pet in Houston emaciated and bone thin. His indomitable spirit and loving personality showed us that this guy still had lots of life and love to give and his long journey to health began. It was very quickly discovered that Gus is what we call a “Sugar Kitty” aka he has diabetes. After diagnosis Gus moved into a fabulous foster home that has worked closely with his vet to get his blood sugar levels on track. Gus adores being near his people, getting brushed, and getting full body cuddles. He was originally guessed to be around 10 years old but he still gets the ‘zoomies’ and plays with string and fake mice so could very well be younger. Gus’s true love is laying in a sunny window and getting pet. Oh, and food. We cannot forget how much Gus loves food. Due to his life long love of all things edible, this handsome boy is now on a strictly wet food diet and a strong routine of insulin in order to keep his sugar levels under control. This easy going fellow is extra-sweet as a result and takes all this extra attention with easy going grace. Gus is a confident kitty who will tolerate dogs and cats as long as they respect his space and could live well with children. He will need to be a fully indoor cat so his diabetes stays under control. Anyone who knows Gus loves him, he deserves a home that will love him as much as he loves life. Please don’t let his medical condition scare you away- anyone can learn to care for a “sugar kitty” and there are amazing resources online to support (check out for any and all questions!). The bond between a sugar kitty and his human is incredibly special and he will pay back in spades the extra attention he needs for his condition. Gus is neutered, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and ready to fill your world with love. Apply today for a chance to meet GUS