FOR ADOPTION: FIONA is an approximately 1 year old female with a story of strength and resilience to share. This little lady was bred on a very early heat cycle and produced a small litter of kittens. She was doing her best mothering them but was still being let outdoors in a dangerous area. She ended up brutally attacked by a loose dog. Her previous owners contacted us and together we got her into Babine Animal Hospital for emergency care and her kittens into a foster home where they could recover from the trauma of seeing mom attacked. Fiona’s left eye was punctured leaving it completely blind and her jaw was shattered. Emergency surgery left her with a lacerated tongue, feeding tube and a small hope of survival. After months of around the clock care at the vet clinic and then in an experienced foster home we are happy to say Fiona has survived and is ready to find a forever family. She is a very sweet girl that enjoys gentle handling and cuddles. We assume her near fatal dog attack was not the first time she’s had to defend herself as she will get very defensive if you play rough with her. She also holds a grudge against dogs and would prefer to never see one again. She could live with a very calm and gentle cat friend but will again get defensive if she feels threatened. We are looking for a quiet and mature indoor only household for our very special little survivor. Fiona does really enjoy children but we would like to see her in a home aged 10+ that will understand her need for strictly calm and gentle interactions. She is now spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet little friend apply to day for a chance to meet FIONA